Patio Lawn Furniture Storage

By | August 24, 2023

Patio Lawn Furniture Storage: Essential Aspects for Protection and Longevity

As the seasons change, it's crucial to properly store your patio lawn furniture to safeguard its condition and extend its lifespan. Neglecting proper storage can significantly shorten the life of your valuable outdoor furniture, leaving you with costly replacements or repairs.

Choosing the Right Storage Location

The key to successful storage lies in selecting a suitable location. Opt for an enclosed space that protects your furniture from moisture, harsh sunlight, and extreme temperatures. Garages, sheds, or covered patios are ideal options.

Cleaning and Preparation

Before storing your furniture, thoroughly clean it to remove dirt, debris, and any potential pests. Use a mild soap solution and a soft cloth. Allow it to dry completely to prevent mold and mildew formation.

Protecting from Moisture

Moisture is the biggest enemy of outdoor furniture. Cover your furniture with waterproof covers, ensuring they fit snugly and are securely tied down. If storing in an enclosed space without covers, place moisture-absorbing materials such as silica gel packets or charcoal briquettes inside the furniture to reduce humidity.

Protecting from Sunlight

Prolonged exposure to sunlight can fade and damage furniture fabrics. Use furniture covers with UV protection or store your furniture in shaded areas to prevent sun damage. Consider applying a protective spray to further safeguard fabrics from fading or staining.

Protecting from Extreme Temperatures

Extreme cold or heat can warp and damage furniture frames. In cold climates, move furniture to a heated storage space or cover it with insulated covers. In hot climates, store furniture in well-ventilated areas and provide shade to minimize heat exposure.

Additional Considerations

To ensure optimal storage conditions, remember the following tips:

  • Stack furniture carefully, avoiding placing heavy items on lighter ones.
  • Use furniture dollies or glides to move heavy pieces to prevent damage.
  • If storing cushions separately, keep them dry and protected from pests.
  • Inspect your furniture regularly during storage and address any issues promptly.

By following these essential aspects of patio lawn furniture storage, you can effectively preserve your outdoor investments and enjoy their comfort and style for many seasons to come.

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